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Why Does Quantum Technology Matter in IoT Security?

Webinar Title: Quantum-Safe Date: May 28 2020, 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM CEST In the hyper-connected 5G era, where 43 billion devices are expected to be connected through wireless networks in 2026 [1], the importance of cybersecurity to the edge rises exponentially. IoT and edge devices are now connecting home, hospitals, factories, infrastructure, schools and … Continue reading

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ID Quantique Offers Quantum Sensing Webinars

ID Quantique presents a new series of quantum sensing webinars based on “the quest for the perfect detector – single-photon detection solutions and applications”. Since Albert Einstein discovered the photon in 1905, the quantum nature of light has revolutionised how ultra-sensitive detectors could be imagined. This started a quest for the perfect detector that has … Continue reading

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Attend an Optical Coating Design Webinar

Did you miss the Tech Briefs Media Group webinar entitled “Optical Coating Design”? It’s now available on demand. Listen to presenters from Chroma Technology, Edmund Optics and Deposition Sciences delve into topics about thin film coatings. Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating … Continue reading

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