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Optical Trapping with opus 1064

Introducing the newest optical trapping animation from Laser Quantum, a world-class continuous wave and ultrafast laser manufacturer based in Stockport, UK. This animation demonstrates how to achieve the best results from your optical trapping set-up.

Traps are microscope based, and a tightly focussed laser beam is required to give the smallest possible cross-sectional area for optimal control of the sample. Near infrared beams are commonly used in optical trapping, and whilst wavelength choice is sample-dependent, low absorption is key to prevent sample heating and damage. The Laser Quantum opus 1064 laser produces up to 10 W of output power with an M-squared value close to unity, enabling a tight trap. A high degree of position predictability and repeatability is possible due to the exceptional pointing stability and both long-term and short-term power stability of the opus 1064. The laser can be seamlessly integrated as part of an optical trapping set-up for promising results in applications such as unravelling DNA strands or testing the spring constant between particles.

Read more about the opus 1064.

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